hide Optimize Website option in cpanel

by admin on July 21, 2012

Recently I was using WHM Feature Manager, trying to disable the “Optimize Website” option for my client’s cpanel. After a few minutes I realized that the feature manager, does not have this option. After consulting google for some hours, I turned up with solutions that were not appealing. It was at this point that I decided to use css.
So clicking on Branding under cPanle menu on my WHM panel, took me to a page that listed x3 and x3mail theme
I clicked on “Live Editor” for x3 and i was presented with a page that showed me the Available Branding Styles
Focusing on root style, I selected “edit this style” at the bottom, this took me to a another page.
On this page I found a nice ‘Edit Style Sheet’ link at the bottom. Cliking on this link i was presented with some text editor. I pasted the following

 #software-body .item #icon-optimizews, #software-body .item #item_optimizews {display:none !important;}

then saved.
“Optimize Website” disappeared and i rejoices and danced.

have a nice day :-)

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